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Steve Downing  •  Creative Director

RCI – Spark Branding project


Oxygen Digital was commissioned by RCI to creative a full brand area dedicated to motivating the various marketing and business development  teams within their worldwide offices.

Ideas can come from anywhere, whether it’s in a room or a hallway, creativity lives within us all. So imagine the possibilities if we created a space devoted entirely to bright ideas. We supply workers with a fitness center for their physical strength and health wellness, so why not designate an area for creative strengths and team wellness? Beyond boosting morale, we can boost productivity, and ultimately, increase revenues.

The way people discover and engage with their workplace has fundamentally changed, and evolving every year. An innovative culture is often helmed by a founder or leader appointed to the position. Yet at the core of the very idea of innovation is crowd sourcing, so appointing a single person to lead the charge on ideas can actually have a polarizing effect and stifle creativity in the process. Instead of thinking freely for themselves, employees shift their lens to see through their leaders eyes, blocking out opportunities for creativity.

We want to put the ownership of ideas back into the hands of the wonderful teams of RCI professionals hired for their experience and expertise. It’s a point of pride that RCI recruits actively passionate people. Let’s ensure that associates are engaged in a supportive and fun environment by giving them more meaningful experiences.

A fresh, creative space is ideal for fostering an environment of ingenuity at the workplace. From colorful walls and inspirational quotes to fun games and teamwork activities, a little atmosphere goes a long way. Organizations need rituals and a process to reinforce innovation. Employees need a safe space to briefly escape their email and set aside their fears of failure, and just create with an open mind.

The following brand guidelines will support these ideas and bring to life ‘SPARK’ that will form the foundation and create the space for innovative ideas to be taken forward amongst work colleagues and ultimately lead to success within the RCI organization.

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